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out of control propellers

facebook cleanflight

keep up with the joneses cleanflight starting point for figuring out ymmio you want to know roll pitch yaw. check fpvoscar to figure out those pids!


box2d drone simulator

yes this is a real drone simulator using box2d physics engine! force2d is using this to work on telemetry control using arduinos and other toys. (later theres an excellent video of a 14min gps hold on a super light quadcopter)

ymmio you want to know multiwii telemetry hack to make arduino controlled quadcopter

tiny heli

do you have the dexterity to work on the tiniest professional helicopter? fitted for military applications the black hornet pd-100 has gps, gyroscope, wireless, much more

drone trimming

jbalatutube gives a "quick and dirty lesson" on trimming a ladybug quadcopter. ymmio you want to know how may crashes?! count four (4) trims. he uses the turnigy 9x controller flashed with open9x firmware

dquad inimini180 quadcopter

dquad inimini180 quadcopter frame exciting new 180 design they show how to assemble. boris b. crushes a choppy tight accelerated freaked out fly sequence with this baby in the video. seeing is believing remember this wasn't humanly possible 10 years ago (except in star wars movies)

thug180 drone

fpv thug 180 frame with triblade props (that's 3 blades per prop lol) makes it quick and clever. ymmio you want to know pilot

cheerson drone

details cheerson cx-22 camera drone pretty cool kind of a cheaper phantom concept. video shows (relatively) high speed flying while getting aerial panoramas

camera kit fpv is on a 100p hd sports camera; we will find out who!

5k wallpaper beauty model catwalk brunette

5kphoto cnn building apple billboard

5kphoto of famous hollywood cnn building with apple iPhone billboards on sides seen from hollywood hills rooftops


5kphoto cnn building with radio antennas

5kphoto of famous cnn hollywood building with radio antennas along side on beautiful southern california afternoon seen from the rooftops around hollywood hills


5kphoto broadway hotel neon sign hollywood

5kphoto moby dick billboard

5k wallpaper photography of billboard for the upcoming movie the heart of the sea inspired by the story of moby dick. 5kphoto set against night sky in los angeles California


30 days lion babe

duo pop rock drums and dancing lion babe 30 days of november los angeles hollywood red bull sound select festival

30 days school night rock music let go ymmio you want to know the secret behind in hollywood. hang, mingle, listen, let go. music people listening to music people


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