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out of control propellers

3dcode 3D programming

ymmio you want to know pack merger new 3d printing algorithm from purdue university

3D TV era far from us (Fig.)-LED TV, 3D TV - Network Appliance Industry-hc360 HC

Out the monster from the movie, shot a sharp arrow from the deep jungle, floating dust scattered from the screen ... ... a movie, "Avatar" caused by thermal effects of 3D, the 3D world to feel the charm This also let's just beautifully LED TV Slightly dim. From CRT To the LCD, LED's change, the industry began to prospect the market prospects of a 3D TV. This, apart from these there were two different voices??

3D TV Market Development Analysed

By 2010, the central television announced the end of May 25 games "already purchased World Cup of mainland 3D rights, and during the World Cup will be the selected digital cinema on 3D World Cup broadcast" The news left long-expected Chinese fans feel very gratified

3D TV Makes The World Clear

A technical change in a rare example of the industry, 3D is one of them Many people thought the "Avatar" effect is just a gust of wind just did not expect but now intensified

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