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Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter Android App


Stickb Stickman needs to shoot as many fish as possible to survive his island adventure. Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter is a 3rd-person shooter game for all ages with fun graphics, tropical music, and a fully articulate stickman player.

Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter is brought to you by Makelivedotnet. You may download Stickb Stickman Android App on the Google Play Store.

Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter has eight (8) game levels and 1 practice level with colorful diverse fish species. Stickb shoots with his trusty crossbow and if he clears all the fish on a level you get bonus points! Be careful to avoid shooting the friendly porpoises or the ravenous sharks will emerge and clear out the fish.

Stickb Stickman can move around the beach and shoot, and the shooter device allows 90 degrees of motion to shoot anywhere in the water. Fish emerge, jump, and submerge as they are hit. There are fast shoot levels with lots of colorful fish and rapid shooting. Have fun!


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