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out of control propellers


facebook cleanflight

keep up with the joneses cleanflight starting point for figuring out ymmio you want to know roll pitch yaw. check fpvoscar to figure out those pids!

box2d drone simulator

yes this is a real drone simulator using box2d physics engine! force2d is using this to work on telemetry control using arduinos and other toys. (later theres an excellent video of a 14min gps hold on a super light quadcopter)

ymmio you want to know multiwii telemetry hack to make arduino controlled quadcopter


faa drone news drone registration

federal aviation administration drones are poised to make the faa the new hip gov entity. ymmio you want to know history

twitter drones

drone frame kit

you want to know

apple store carries phantom drone

now that buzz you hear may not be the genius bar story from

quad aerial vehicle

qav quad aerial vehicle ymmio you want to know fpv racing

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