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out of control propellers



150mm drones quadcopter micro mini drones

facebook cleanflight

keep up with the joneses cleanflight starting point for figuring out ymmio you want to know roll pitch yaw. check fpvoscar to figure out those pids!


tiny heli

do you have the dexterity to work on the tiniest professional helicopter? fitted for military applications the black hornet pd-100 has gps, gyroscope, wireless, much more

drone trimming

jbalatutube gives a "quick and dirty lesson" on trimming a ladybug quadcopter. ymmio you want to know how may crashes?! count four (4) trims. he uses the turnigy 9x controller flashed with open9x firmware

prorammable drone

phenox programmable drone from kickstarter project engages with the flyer responds to hand glove. qav responds to flyer. linux onboard with uploadable flight applications

drone registration public input november 2015

united states federal government is looking at drone registration for holidays 2015 and you can comment on the issues!documentDetail;D=FAA-2015-4378-0022

this question is very critical… information or data to help determine whether any criteria should exclude certain drones, e.g. size/weight, flight range. of course, tech will improve over time so this is challenging to foresee

some of the questions to consider…

mfash Consumer Search
- The Best in Consumer Search


Earth-Friendly Shopping

twitter drones

good kill

good kill starring ethan hawke first person view drone strikes

btw unmanned aerial vehicles flown by military pilots good kill ymmio you want to know more ifc films

you want to know

drone racing

the big race 2015 Powered by Flying Grounds builds "large scale international drone racing events"

apple store carries phantom drone

now that buzz you hear may not be the genius bar story from

you want to know DVR 9 channel surveillance camera system

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