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out of control propellers



150mm drones quadcopter micro mini drones

facebook cleanflight

keep up with the joneses cleanflight starting point for figuring out ymmio you want to know roll pitch yaw. check fpvoscar to figure out those pids!


tiny heli

do you have the dexterity to work on the tiniest professional helicopter? fitted for military applications the black hornet pd-100 has gps, gyroscope, wireless, much more

drone trimming

jbalatutube gives a "quick and dirty lesson" on trimming a ladybug quadcopter. ymmio you want to know how may crashes?! count four (4) trims. he uses the turnigy 9x controller flashed with open9x firmware

dquad inimini180 quadcopter

dquad inimini180 quadcopter frame exciting new 180 design they show how to assemble. boris b. crushes a choppy tight accelerated freaked out fly sequence with this baby in the video. seeing is believing remember this wasn't humanly possible 10 years ago (except in star wars movies)

thug180 drone

fpv thug 180 frame with triblade props (that's 3 blades per prop lol) makes it quick and clever. ymmio you want to know pilot

cheerson drone

details cheerson cx-22 camera drone pretty cool kind of a cheaper phantom concept. video shows (relatively) high speed flying while getting aerial panoramas

camera kit fpv is on a 100p hd sports camera; we will find out who!

idra california cup

bleeding edge augmented reality fpv drones

well seeing is believing! not anymore, now seeing is releasing. releasing to the point of view and visual reality space in current context. what does this mean? the context is the camera's point of view, not ours. the tech is the streaming of the camera's point of view to our eyes. the visual reality is whatever the streaming tech chooses to include in the stream that we consume. it may be exactly what the viewfinder consumes, or a filtered version, or even an augmented version.


dji the maker phantom drones has released a new drone microcomputer called manifold running ubuntu operating system. this ubuntu is the same one popular with hosting companies like, so pretty much everything can run on it. the little computer sits on top of the drone and connects to sensors, controllers, the battery and whatever is needed to program the drone

prorammable drone

phenox programmable drone from kickstarter project engages with the flyer responds to hand glove. qav responds to flyer. linux onboard with uploadable flight applications


faa drone news drone registration

federal aviation administration drones are poised to make the faa the new hip gov entity. ymmio you want to know history

drone registration public input november 2015

united states federal government is looking at drone registration for holidays 2015 and you can comment on the issues!documentDetail;D=FAA-2015-4378-0022

this question is very critical… information or data to help determine whether any criteria should exclude certain drones, e.g. size/weight, flight range. of course, tech will improve over time so this is challenging to foresee

some of the questions to consider…


synchro micro drone

keep alert or you might miss it synchro microdrones invade america micro qav quad aerial vehicle quadcopter


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