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out of control propellers

quad aerial vehicle

dquad inimini180 quadcopter

dquad inimini180 quadcopter frame exciting new 180 design they show how to assemble. boris b. crushes a choppy tight accelerated freaked out fly sequence with this baby in the video. seeing is believing remember this wasn't humanly possible 10 years ago (except in star wars movies)


dji the maker phantom drones has released a new drone microcomputer called manifold running ubuntu operating system. this ubuntu is the same one popular with hosting companies like, so pretty much everything can run on it. the little computer sits on top of the drone and connects to sensors, controllers, the battery and whatever is needed to program the drone

prorammable drone

phenox programmable drone from kickstarter project engages with the flyer responds to hand glove. qav responds to flyer. linux onboard with uploadable flight applications

you want to know

quad aerial vehicle

qav quad aerial vehicle ymmio you want to know fpv racing

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